Stock Option Strategies

Stock Option Strategies Stock options allow you to benefit from an increase in the value of your employer’s stock without putting your own money at risk. You hold the options until you think the stock price has reached a high, and then you exercise and sell—or hold—those shares. But how and when should you exercise your [...]

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Bitcoin Mania

Bitcoin - What is it? Bitcoins are a blockchain-based, frictionless, anonymous digital cryptocurrency. Quite the mouthful huh... Let's break that down a bit.   Anonymous Digital Currency As you're probably aware, Bitcoins are a digital currency which users can send and receive across the internet. The method by which Bitcoin users buy and sell coins through [...]

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2017 Economic Outlook

Outlook 2017: Faster Growth Likely as Recovery Accelerates Presented by Ardis Nohner-Black   We started 2016 with the hope that it would be the year the economy normalized. But between the stock market pullback early in the year after the surprise Chinese devaluation; the political theatre surrounding the primaries and general election; the ongoing volatility in [...]

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