The philosopher Seneca said, “Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.” Whether it’s a wedding celebration, your dream home, college funding, the trip of a lifetime, or an event uniquely yours, we can help you be better prepared financially for life’s next big event.  Our interactive software allows clients to measure their progress toward meeting their goals and test various “what ifs” along the way.





  • Business Planning

    Whether you’re starting a new business or thinking about retirement, we can help you evaluate your options, find professional legal and tax assistance, and implement strategies that meet your needs.  We team closely with accountants, attorneys, appraisers and other professionals to put your business to work for you.

  • Tax Strategies

    Life’s big events often come with tax consequences.  We work with your tax advisor to help you anticipate those consequences, prepare to manage them, and take advantage of tax opportunities that arise.

  • Employee Benefits

    Whatever your goals are, we can help you select options from your employee benefit package that support and protect those goals.  Selecting which employee benefits to take advantage of can be overwhelming. Let us help you decide which options are most beneficial to you.

  • Retirement Savings

    Good financial planning involves balancing – and sometimes ranking in your order of importance — competing goals and objectives.  We can help you ensure you’re on track with retirement savings and help you prevent Life’s Big Events from derailing your retirement goals.

  • Wills and Trusts

    So, you don’t think you have a will?  Your state laws have one for you!  Unless you create your own estate plan that directs how your assets will be distributed at your death, state “intestacy” laws will determine how your assets pass.  Other decisions, such as guardianship for children, may require costly court proceedings if not determined in advance. Your assets might also be subject to estate tax that may have been avoided by planning ahead and implementing tax-minimizing strategies. A finalized estate plan is one of the nicest gifts you can leave your loved ones. While The Nohner-Black Group does not provide legal or tax advice, we recommend that you consult legal and tax professionals regarding your individual situation. We will work closely with your estate planning attorney and tax advisors to help ensure your plan can be carried out as you wish.

  • Education Funding

    One day they’re 8, then before you know it, they’re 18. It really does seem like children grow up that fast.  The sooner you begin planning to help fund your child’s or grandchild’s education, the more choices you and that child will have in selecting a college. Let us walk you through education savings and investment options and help you create and employ a realistic strategy that balances funding education goals with your other financial goals.

  • Investment Management meets Cash Flow Planning

    You may have heard the phrase “buckets of money,” which refers to a method of cash flow planning that can be an easy and effective way to earmark funds for specific purposes and goals – each having its own “bucket of money.”  How each “bucket” is invested should depend upon the length of time the funds will be invested and your own tolerance for fluctuations in the value of your investments due to market volatility.  Call us today to learn more about our coaching and strategies.


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